Top 10 Businessmen in India?

India is profound country excelling in the majority of the arenas. There are many things to feel proud upon. In fast situations, one thing is very prominent, i.e., there are many people, who belong to a higher class or can say they are considered in the Forbes magazine for the topmost industrialist and wealthiest people in business in India.

Now, this is one of the exciting attributes of a country to look upon. So, here is the list of those sound and exceptional personalities, who have such high level of assets as well as funds-

Mukesh Ambani:

Now, who doesn’t know this man; every single Indian is well aware of the vibe of influential Ambani’s. Ambani rules over various kinds industries that has a net worth of $22.3 billion.

Being the top richest men in India fir ninth continuous time in the list of Forbes, he is also now the wealthiest man in Asia as well. He is considered as the gas as well as an oil tycoon, and the success of Reliance communication is well established on an international level.

Mukesh Ambani is the CEO of Reliance industries, and one of the most exciting features about the company is that his wealth is about 50%, which is more than the GDP of Yemen- the country, where he was born.

Dilip Shanghvi:

Now, who doesn’t know the pharma industry and the king of this world, he is none other than Sun Pharma, which is not only famous in India but is popular in the world as a whole.

Although the wealth of this man is dipping by about $1.1 billion, he is still the richest one in the industry of pharmaceutical. His net worth is about $16.9 billion.

His medicines are in demand even in the countries like Japan and USA. His story from rag to rich is genuinely inspirational.

Lakshmi Niwas Mittal:

Being the king of the steel industry, he has his great journey of business, and at present, his net worth is about $12.5 billion.

Mr. Mittal is the board member of the global investment banking company, Godman Sachs and also the 6th most productive people worldwide. Currently, he resides in the UK, and he doesn’t only have his business, but also involved with the charities and supporting athletes all over India.

Shiv Nadar:

The IT giant, who is the founder of a great company named HCL has a net worth of $11.4 billion. His company is doing great, and he was also called as India’s fourth wealthiest men by Huron Indian rich list.

Taking his company to the new level, he also knows his duties towards the society, and he has even achieved the charitable endeavors.

Azim Premji:

Who is not aware of the company named Wipro, which is always highlighted in the IT giant companies of India? The company has a net worth of $15 billion, and it is expanding more in the current time.

He started the company of Wipro as a vegetable product manufacturer with the oil of vegetable as the primary product. After that came soap and hydraulic cylinders and then finally technology.

Since then, it was no looking back. He got the inspiration from Bill Gates and also promised to donate his money to the poor people.

Cyrus Poonawalla:

His serum institute has successfully secured the 6th position in the Huron Indian Rich list. He belongs from a family who is genuinely into breeding and horse racing.

Cyrus decided to take the profession of medicine and formed his organization, Serum institute which made him a billionaire now. His net worth is about $8.6 billion.

Gautam Adani:

Mr. Adani is the founder as well as Chairman of Adani Group, Adani Ports, Adani Power Special Economic and has a net worth of $6.6 billion. Gautam Adani resides in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. He became the 7th most productive men in India.

The Adani Group has emerged as the best principal interest in ports, gas exploitation and economic zones. Despite having the business of billion dollars, he never forgets from where he started everything.

With his wife support, the group is now tied to several organizations which are associated with health, education, livelihood and rural development.

Acharya Balakrishna:

He is the owner of renowned company Patanjali, and within a specified period, he came under wealthiest people of India. With the annual income of $1.65 billion, Patanjali now sells everything from cosmetics and toothpaste to jams and noodles.

Nobody ever thought that one could become a billionaire tycoon just by telling people about yoga. Acharya Balakrishna is the eighth most productive Indian man, stated by Hurun.

Patanjali, with the turnover of 11 crores in FY17 is now in the close competition with many global brands. There’s a man behind its success. If looking back at his lifestyle and work ethic, you’ll know that this man is built for success.

While starting this business ten years ago on loan, he never thought that Patanjali would come this far.

Uday Kotak:

The 56-year-old man is one of the wealthiest businessmen in India. He is the founder and Vice-chairman of the Kotak Mahindra group; his net worth is about $7.2 billion.

He started a financial business in 1985 and then converted this into a bank in the year 2003. His Kotak Mahindra Bank is among top four banks in India in the private sector.

In March 2017, Kotak introduced 811 which is a digital banking app offering to open the zero balance account with the goal of doubling the customer of the bank to 17 million.

From past so many years, Kotak introduced in several areas like investment banking, stock broking to life insurance, car finance as well as mutual funds. He also received the award of the youngest entrepreneur in the year 2003.

Sunil Mittal:

This 57-year-old man is the founder and chairman of the Bharti Airtel group, and his net worth is about $6.6 billion from this telecom company.

The Airtel service provider itself has more than 280 million customers all around the world. Mittal is also the owner of the Airtel Payments Bank, a niche bank, which is associated with Kotak Mahindra Bank.

There was the time when the man himself was in financial crisis, and since then there was no looking back. He started his career by selling the spare parts of the bicycle and then he saw the opportunity in the telecom sector in the 1990s. Bharti began with its mobile network in Delhi.

So, this was the latest list of top 10 wealthiest businessmen in India.

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