Sabyasachi’s Nilaya Collection

Sabyasachi is one of the greatest designer in the Bollywood industry having profound knowledge of the ethnic attire. His all the trends reflect the Indian style, which always witnesses the embellished and polished cultural outfits.

Being the part of Kolkata, he is bounded with the immense love and strong string of his hometown that is view able in his all the presentations.

Moreover, recently after long struggle, Padmavaat was released and the epic movie received incredible responses from the public. After the celebration of dynamic hit, the Ranisa of the movie Deepika Padukone was noticed in the recent photoshoot of sabyasachi, where she donned an ethnic attire.

She is the Real Ranisa

In the new Photoshoot of Sabyasachi, Deepika was seen in two ethnic attires, where she looks amazingly stunning and her makeup was just suiting the outfit.

What About the Popular Designer?

Undoubtedly, he is an utmost magician of the attire designing world as he always creates out of everything from and single inspirational treasure.

If you know about him well, you must be aware about the fact that he is every Indian bride’s dream designer in present time.

Now, an interesting fact that has come in front is that he is in collaboration with a leading paint brand. He has also creatively created exclusive wallpaper collection that he named as Sabyasachi for Nilaya Collection – Chapter II: India Revival Project.

From the name, it seems so interesting; now wonder what will be the reaction of his die heart fans.

What Fascinating him to Get Inclined Towards it?

He has always mentioned about the beauty of his hometown and the gorgeous yet memorable homes of North Calcutta that always fascinated him. He also did mention about the winding lanes and derelict alleys, which he now consider as the ‘lost Paradise’. Since the beginning, he has always noticed the cute tea stalls, crumbling of the book binding factories and also the gloomy mustard oil presseries, which truly make different ways for the forlorn palaces and also for the music rooms of erstwhile ‘zamindars’.

He also mentioned the great experiences that he had and they were amazing. While, writing he also told that as a parakeet and a cockatoo chirp in unison from the courtyard, his fingers used to swipe the dust from all the walls to discover another treasure.

The Flawless Wallpaper

The wallpapers that are introduced recently are utmost Inspired by Sabyasachi’s that time, which he has spent in Bengal and Calcutta. The wallpapers are filled with the immense love of him for his native place seem, which ultimately depiction of his fine memory and love for the places, where he has lived.

The entire pictures and wallpapers are a beautiful representation of his unbelievable cherished memories, where he is trying to present the present as well as the past conditions of the places, where he resided.

He also has further added in his words that if anyone had grown up in Bengal at the time, when he was growing up, which is about sometime between the late seventies and early eighties, then one would have been known that the consumer was the designer as he used to spend hours watching his mother and even her friends sketching organdy sarees over the hand frames and other hand painting that were full of exotic blooms on them.

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