The Big Freedom SaleI!

Indian Independence Day is approaching and the celebration time has already begun. The storefronts have been setup and are buzzing with the new offers that are very appealing. Talking of the ecommerce, the enthusiasm is no less and leading vendors like Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, Iwearkhadi, Snapdeal and Jabong have lined up the best deals in all the segments. All are trying to move ahead of the rival webstore and therefore we find brisk canvassing across the domains, be it TV or the social! The fanfare this year is expected to be robust with the top giants looking to garner deals worth millions of dollars!

More people buying at Independence Day in India

For the past few years, the ecommerce sales in the Independence Day week have been rising and more and more people are looking to make their buys. Riding on the demand, the biggies are pretty active and leaving no innovation of marketing untouched. The aim is to attract every section of Indian society and people from every age group. There is not merely the marketing dynamics that can be credited but the vendors are doing the real job and have ensured some real fructifications. They have made their e-vendoring processes more broad based to match the popular aspirations. No wonder, they are reaping the mileages now!

E-commerce – a revolution unfolding!


Festive season case studies on the e-sales have noted that there is a revolution brewing for sure and the traditional market might be at stake. While these facts and analyses may be of significance to the digital marketers in the background, the fanfare is building strong in the social economy. This year’s Independence Day sales are expected to touch the new heights because the top banners have lined up their best deals for all! Youths are using their bandwidths day and night to make the compares including across the portals. Amazon that is hailed as the biggest seller with its ‘apni dukaan’ tag has pooled in expertise and marketing synergies to beat the competitors, especially Flipkart whose story made the global headlines with Walmart taking over the banner recently. Walmart is no easy contender to beat and Amazon accepts this fact. While the deal is yet in the making, Amazon wants to maintain the initial lead here in India through the best of offers at the Independence Day this year.


While the competitors’ dynamics may be on in the market, the front end catering determines the resonance in the popular domains. Critics and analysts have put these vital factors as the core determinants of the swiftly upswing sales figures in the run up to the Independence Day celebrations. Have a look on these –

The super deals generate the momentum

The ecommerce brands have banked upon the festive seasons very well here in India. The traditional festive shopping that was earlier limited to Diwali and to some extent Holi, has now been broadened through the offering of vibrant deals at other occasions also. Independence Day is one such time to rejoice for all the Indians; and not merely the specific religious groups! The e-commerce giants started offering such deals that just cannot be refused! You want to buy a new smartphone or an air conditioner? Then there is no best time except this one! Everybody wants to save big and hence the catalyses! The fortnight that precedes the Independence Day in India is marked by hyped sales and you find people buying whole range of products that include personal use gadgets, linen, apparels, household items and electronics, jewelry and even furniture!

Patriotism value is boosted!

Indians have been really patriotic and none can deny this fact. However, the modern generation can be credited for the heartiest celebrations that are evident at Independence Day. We find the renewed enthusiasm and people are enjoying the Independence Day like Diwali and Eid! We cannot neglect this dimension which can be called as ‘evident patriotism’ that has started to ooze out of our mind and soul! To encash this sentiment, the market in general and the ecommerce segment in particular has been experimenting for the last few years. Their experiments have been hugely successful too, especially for Independence Day; considering the other dimensions of relevance that they secured well for their potential customers.

The ease of shopping almost everything!

Online shopping success in India and around the world definitely counts the dimension of ‘ease’ for the shoppers! You get a window to peep into the decorated e-showcases and make the comparisons and generate lengthy ‘wishlists’ in your account with the vendor. While the wishlist keeps the inspiration alive always, you feel motivated to shell out the bucks whenever the offer matches your expectations. Today, it is not at all difficult to place an order that is facilitated within a minute in most cases. The modern content management systems propel the commerce sales in the web domains together with all the functionality for the buyer who feels delighted. Easy refunds, free shipping, COD etc are the innovations that deliver further boosts!


Safe and secure payment gateways for the shoppers

Safety of the online payments mechanisms is also an added attribute that has wiped out inherent fears from the minds of the Indians who feel welcomed to do it through cards and e-wallets.

So grab up your PC or phone and get ready to close the deals this Independence Day as the leading vendors like Amazon, Flipkart, Jabong, Myntra, Iwearkhadi and Snapdeal have lined up the mouth watering offers in all the niches and genres! Do not wait for the stocks to void up!

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