Narendra Modi: A Victory for India

We all know this name: Narendra Damodardas Modi! Yes! He is the current Prime Minister of our country, India. In this post, we will know a little more in detail about this eminent personality, right from his childhood, education to his victory as the Prime Minister of the country.

A little brief about Narendra Modi

Narendra Modi was born on the 17th of September 1950. He was born to a Gujarati family and helped his father in selling tea. He later started his own tea stall. That is why he is lovingly referred to as the “Chai wala” even now. He got introduced to the RSS at the mere age of 8 and thus, began a long association with the RSS. It is believed that he left home after graduating from his school in order to avoid an arranged marriage proposal that was being set up for him.

After this, Modi travelled throughout the country and visited quite a few religious centres before moving to Ahmedabad in 1969-70. In 1971 he started working as a full-time employee for the RSS. In 1985, the RSS assigned him to the BJP and he became a member of the Bharatiya Janata Party. He held various important positions within the party until 2001 when he rose to the rank of a general secretary.

Modi as the Chief Minister of Gujarat

Narendra Modi was appointed as the Chief Minister of Gujarat in the year of 2001 after Keshubhai Patel’s image went bad after the Bhuj earthquake. Modi served as the chief minister till 2014.

He soon got elected to the legislative assembly after that. There was a little hiccup in his career as the Chief Minister when he was criticised for the way he handled the 2002 Gujarat Riots. Though there are no official records or evidences of his involvement or negligence during the issue, the then Chief Minister did face the wrath of many. However, he came out clean.

As the Chief Minister, his policies were warmly embraced as they helped in the economic growth of the state substantially. However, there were times when his administration was criticised for failing to improve the conditions of healthy, education and poverty in the state.

Modi as the Prime Minister of India

Modi  led the BJP in the national elections of 2014 and earned the party a majority in the Lok Sabha. He was himself elected from Varanasi to the parliament. Since 1984, this was the first time that a single party managed to achieve victory.

Since his term as the Prime Minister, Modi’s administration has put in incessant efforts to raise the foreign direct investment in the Indian economy. They have concentrated on increasing the infrastructure spending and improving the efficiency of the bureaucracy.

He is a role model to many and is conceived as one of the best Prime Ministers in the world. It is truly inspiring to see how a mere “Chai wala” is able to manage such a vast country with this level of efficiency!

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