Tribute to Visionary Physicist: Stephen Hawking

There would be hardly anyone in this entire world who is unknown to the greatness of Visionary physicist, Stephen Hawking. His story not only inspired many, but gave a ray of hope to those who felt like giving up on life.

The great and eminent scientist breathed his last on this Wednesday, i.e. the 14th of March. His demise was a big blow to the entire science fraternity and community. On this occasion, let us have a brief look at this visionary’s journey.

Stephen Hawking’s Life in a Nutshell

Born on the 8th of January, 1942 in Oxford, England, Hawking was popular for his theories on black holes and relativity. He earned a degree from the eminent Oxford University in 1959 and went to Cambridge for his PhD. The turning point in his life came in 196, when he was diagnosed with ALS, which is a rare motor neuron disease. He was just 22 at that time. The doctors predicted very less chances of him making it beyond a maximum of 2 years.

His Determination Sailed him Through

However, Hawking did not give in to his disease. He outlined his theory of “Hawking Radiation” with respect to black holes in 1974. He went on to become the Lucasian Professor of Mathematics in 1979 at the Cambridge University. Do you know who else held this position? It was Sir Isaac Newton!

Hawking published a number of bestselling science books that were followed by students and professors from all over the world. “A Brief History of Time” is one of his most sought-after books.

He did a lot of research on quantum mechanics and theory of relativity. Even if his medical condition severed all through these years, he chose never to give up!

Hawking as an Inspiration

The star physicist was portrayed in film and TV both. “The Theory of Everything”, was a hit movie that showed the physicist’s rise to fame and his personal life with his first spouse, Jane. It was a treat for the eyes and it taught commoners like us so much about life and hard work

Stephen Hawking was heavily dependent on a wheel-chair for his movement. However, his dreams and determination flew high. He was unstoppable in his mind and that is what made all the difference.

Till the last day that he survived, he dedicated his life to the new discoveries and theories in physics. He was one of the very few scientists or physicists who are taken in the league of Einstein and Newton. The world indeed lost a gem. However, we are all left behind by the inspiration of this great achiever. “Never give up on your dreams”. Stephen Hawking truly lived up to this!

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