Is it the Start of the End of Social Media?

How many of you check your social media accounts on your phone each day? 100 times? Or, even more! It is true that social media has sewn into an integral part of our life. Some estimates predict that a normal person checks out their phone for any social media updates every 10 minutes in a day. Of all these times, a major amount of time is given to chatting with people on the various platforms or checking out the news feed over Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram etc.

Not only as a pastime, but social media has other important roles to play in the modern day world as well. It is a great marketing tool and is actively used for creating and running various campaigns. So, basically it looks like we are not complete without social media.

In such a scenario, if we tell you that this era of social media is all set to see its doomsday, how many of you would agree?

How Social Media Platforms Affect the Crowd?

Recently, the Facebook data breach created a major hue and cry questioning the people’s security when they are online. There are some executives from Facebook who carry the guilt of what they have created. This comes from the fact that Donal trump became the US President with the help of a misinformation campaign made by the Russian territory. The massive manipulation of the data on the system raised serious issues. What was thought to be impossible earlier has just become a part of our everyday lives today.

Eminent personalities are now expressing their opinions on how social media has been playing with our minds. The way social media has been hampering a person’s productivity and attention is a rising issue today. The major concern that health professionals have regarding social media is that it has become an addiction and some doctors even treat it as a disorder.

Backing this theory, many studies have proved how people tend to avoid their normal lives and escape from their issues and troubles by being on social media. According to a 2015 study done by popular researchers from the University of Missouri, a regular use of Facebook often leads to symptoms of depression and it can also decrease their life satisfaction. There are many other psychological effects of the same.

Is the end near?

With the rising awareness against social media addiction, can we really say that it is soon going to face the inevitable? Well, honestly, when people have left Facebook, they have jumped to either Snapchat or Instagram. So, even if one form ever sees its doomsday, won’t the other social media platforms take up? Well, thinking practically, we would say it is hard to escape the power of social media anytime soon!

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